PUC Natural Gas Impact Fee Report Due April 15  

Townships that received natural gas impact fees from Act 13 of 2012 in 2022 are required to report to the Public Utility Commission on the use of these funds. The Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report (called Spending Report in the portal) is due by April 15 of each year for the funds received in the prior year. The report can be filed electronically at https://www.act13-reporting.puc.pa.gov. Townships that do not receive impact fee funds from Act 13 of 2012 do not file this report. Not sure how to access the report? Look under “Need Help?” for the Local Government User’s Guide and Local Government Reporting Requirements, which includes how to access your township’s account. 

Please note that while this report is for funds received in 2022, the reporting year for the form is 2021 because the PUC levies the fees based on criteria for the prior year. This means that the fees assessed by the PUC for the calendar year 2021 were received by townships in 2022. In addition, keep in mind that this is a one-time report that must show how your township used, or plans to use, all 2021 funds.

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