PSATS Submits Comments on PennDOT Pathways

PSATS has submitted comments to the state Department of Transportation about its PennDOT Pathways Program, which outlines ideas for filling the $8.1 billion annual highway and bridge transportation funding gap. To view the interactive PennDOT Pathways website and funding options, click here.   

PSATS raised concerns that the program focuses only on the state’s need for transportation funding and does not appear to recognize the partnership with local government or the need to fund the locally owned portion of Pennsylvania’s transportation system. Townships have long maintained that the state must provide a predictable, reliable, and dedicated method of funding for the entire transportation system. 

PSATS pointed out situations where the suggested funding options for state roads and bridges could impact local transportation and urged relief of unfunded mandates, such as the prevailing wage and federal requirements for a shadow vehicle, to allow townships to stretch their limited transportation dollars. To read the comments, click here.  

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