PSATS Reminds County Groups to Submit Resolutions

PSATS is reminding county associations of township officials that they may still submit resolutions for consideration by the membership at the Annual Conference even if they did not hold a fall convention or do not plan to hold an in-person convention this winter. County association executive boards may still vote on and put forth resolutions to PSATS without the delegate body having met at a convention if their bylaws allow it.  

“We don’t want county associations to think they can’t submit resolutions if they didn’t hold a convention because of the pandemic,” PSATS Executive Director Dave Sanko says. “County association officers should check their bylaws for the proper procedure to draft and vote on resolutions apart from a county convention.”  

County associations should email resolutions to Holly Fishel at preferably by February 10 so they can be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee at their meeting in March. However, all resolutions received 30 days before the start of the Annual Conference qualify for consideration by the delegates. 

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