Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Mitigation Orders Are History 

All Pennsylvania mitigation orders except for masking have been lifted. This includes restrictions on employers, businesses, and restaurants and limits on social distancing, gatherings, facility capacity, restaurant dining capacity, and employee safety requirements. Click here for more.  

The governor’s Proclamation of Disaster Emergency for the COVID-19 Pandemic remains in place for now. Township officials are reminded that Act 15 of 2020, which allows all local governments to conduct fully virtual or teleconference meetings, remains in place only while the governor’s disaster emergency proclamation is in effect. Townships may conduct hybrid meetings, where the public is able to attend in person or virtually but not all supervisors are physically present, after the proclamation expires. While the current proclamation expires in August, township officials should make plans to transition to hybrid or in-person meetings by then in case the proclamation is not renewed.    

The state Department of Health recommends that Pennsylvanians continue to refer to Centers for Disease Control guidance and recommendations for ongoing COVID-19 safety measures and procedures. Municipalities and school districts may impose stricter mitigation efforts for municipal property and their communities if they choose to do so.  

Masking Order to Expire No Later Than June 28 

On Thursday, Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam announced that the state’s masking order will be lifted when 70% of eligible Pennsylvania adults are fully vaccinated or June 28, whichever comes first. The change was made based on the number of Pennsylvania adults who have received at least one dose of vaccine. Click here for more. 

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