PennDOT, PSATS Announce Release of Liquid Fuels Funding 

The state Department of Transportation announced the release of the 2022 liquid fuels payments at a press conference yesterday that was joined by PSATS Executive Director David M. Sanko. The press conference discussed the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and local governments’ road and bridge needs. $455.9 million in liquid fuels funds payments are available for 2022, approximately 1% more than last year. These funds will help 2,560 municipalities manage 78,000 miles of roads and 6,600 bridges longer than 20 feet. 

“We have the fifth-largest state-maintained road system in the country, and the locally owned roadway network is even larger,” PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Planning Larry Shifflet said. “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s bridge funding will help with some local bridges, but we need to leverage all available state and local funding solutions to help our municipalities.” 

Local government unmet needs for roads and bridges is currently projected to be 3.9 billion expected to grow to 6.1 billion. Pennsylvania will receive $1.6 billion in new bridge funds, with 15% committed to “off-system” local bridges from the BIL. 

“We appreciate that PennDOT recognizes that local government is an important partner of the transportation network in Pennsylvania, being responsible for 2/3 of the road miles in the commonwealth,” said PSATS Executive Director David Sanko. “This liquid fuels distribution is an integral part of local funding, but by no means enough to cover the costs of building and maintaining our portion of the network.” Click here for more. 

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