PA Covid Numbered Corrected

In a Thanksgiving eve press release, (missed by most) Pennsylvania’s vaccination picture abruptly turned out to be something of a mirage last week. 

The CDC, after sorting out PA data problems such as double counts, last week said the number of fully vaccinated adult Pennsylvanians is only 68.8% — significantly less than the previous figure of 73.7%. A Pennsylvania Department of Health spokesperson said it amounts to nearly 1.1 million people who were believed to be fully vaccinated who, as it turns out, are not. 

This from the today’s Allentown Morning Call citing Pennlive (Harrisburg Patriot News)…. 

“On Sunday, Pennsylvania’s seven-day average of new infections stood at 5,344, according to tracking by Johns Hopkins University. Its average daily death count was 46. A year earlier, Pennsylvania was averaging 6,674 new infections and 84 deaths. 

Pennsylvania’s peak daily average of new infections, 10,631, came Dec. 13, according to Johns Hopkins data. Its daily average number of deaths peaked at 222 Jan. 12. 

As of Monday, Pennsylvania’s 14-day average of hospitalized COVID-19 patients stood at 3,278, similar to Nov. 29, 2020, according to state health department data. Pennsylvania’s daily average for hospitalizations peaked at about 6,100 around Christmas. 
Before we reach those levels again, doctors predict, a combination of vaccinated people and unvaccinated people who have been infected, and therefore have some immunity, will bring us to a point where there aren’t many people left to get infected.” 

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