OOR Updates Guidance on FOIA Buddy, Anonymous Requests 

The Office of Open Records (OOR) has received numerous inquiries regarding electronic Right-to-Know Law (RTKL) requests received from FOIA Buddy and has now updated the guidance it recently on these requests after confirming that FOIA Buddy is a legal requester. Click below to read the updated guidance: 


In its guidance, the OOR noted that it has received numerous inquiries about anonymous requests over the last year. The OOR recommends that agencies review their internal policies regarding the acceptance of anonymous RTKL requests. If an agency has decided not to accept anonymous requests, OOR has advised that this policy should be prominently posted on the agency’s website.  

The OOR also updated its FAQs, which can be viewed here. The updates include the following on anonymous requests: 

Q: Can I request records anonymously? 

A: Section 702 gives agencies discretion to choose if they want to provide records to anonymous requesters. The OOR encourages agencies to develop a policy explaining how it will respond to anonymous requesters and also to post that policy in a conspicuous place on the agency’s webpage. An anonymous requester must provide their legal name to file an appeal with the OOR. 

Township officials are encouraged to forward copies of all FOIA Buddy requests to their state representative and state senator, as well as any other requests that appear to be outside the original intent of the law and ask for reform of the Right-to-Know Law. RTKL reform is one of PSATS’ 2024 Legislative Priorities and you can learn more here. To read PSATS Policy Statement on Government Transparency, which includes RTKL reform, click here

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