OOR Report Highlights Website Requirements, Best Practices

The state Office of Open Records released a report finding that while most government agencies provide Right-to-Know Law information on their websites, improvements can be made to increase citizens’ access to public records.  

“I am pleased that the overwhelming majority of agencies we reviewed provide some information about the RTKL on their websites,” said Executive Director Liz Wagenseller.” Informing citizens how to use the law reinforces an agency’s commitment to accountability.” 

Local governments that have websites are required to post four mandated items. This includes: contact information for the township’s open records officers; contact information for the Office of Open Records or other applicable appeals officer; a request form; and the township’s Right-to-Know Law policies and procedures. 

To review the report, which includes screen shots of required and recommended information, click here. One of the recommendations is to make frequently requested items readily available on a website. 

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