Online Surveys Expanded to Phone and Mail to Get Info From Unserved Areas  

Up until this point, data collection has been mostly online to try and find out who has, and does not have, broadband access. Township officials and residents who lack broadband access or have slow service now have options for completing a critical survey about current broadband access. The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority has been conducting the online survey for several months, which will be used to help determine where to provide new or improved broadband service with the more than $1 billion in dedicated federal funds. Everyone is encouraged to complete the anonymous survey as soon as possible by clicking here, calling (570) 865-8185, or using the printable version that can be opened by clicking here and printing copies for residents. Now residents without broadband access have a way to register their needs. 

Residents, businesses, and organizations throughout Pennsylvania are encouraged to complete the survey. The survey will ask about resident access to broadband internet services, how much those services cost, whether it is a burden on the resident, and if the resident has the devices needed to access the internet. Township officials should complete the survey, which takes about 10-15 minutes, and encourage their residents to complete the survey as well, particularly if there is limited broadband access in your community or if the available options are not affordable for your residents.  

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