New Grant Funds for Emergency Preparedness

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) just announced that this year’s FEMA 2020 Non-Disaster Mitigation Grants application will be open from September 30 to November 18, 2020. The two grant programs covered by this announcement include a new grant, the Building Resilient Infrastructure & Communities (BRIC) grant, which replaces the earlier FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant and has $500 million available in competitive grants. The second program, the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant, will have $160 million available in that national application competition. To start the grant application process for the BRIC and/or the FMA grant, potential applicants MUST submit the required Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Letter of Interest (LOI) by October 15, 2020; this non-contractual but required form can be found HERE.

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