NATaT Releases 2024 Federal Platform

The National Association of Towns and Townships has released its 2024 Federal Platform. Townships are also members of NATaT as PSATS is part of the federal organization and PSATS Executive Director David Sanko serves on the National Board of Directors. 2024 priorities includes the following categories: 

  • Transportation: includes opposition to increase the national truck weight limits and efforts to allow longer, wider trucks; support for funding for the federal Off-System Bridge Program 
  • Telecommunications and Cybersecurity: includes support for federal efforts to ensure that all locations have access to high-speed broadband with priority for unserved and underserved areas; support for efforts to streamline broadband deployment without preempting local control over public rights-of-way, including land use, permitting, and siting processes – tenets of a community’s right to self-govern.  
  • Volunteer First Responder: Supports Congressional efforts to establish incentive programs to recruit and retain volunteer first responders. 
  • Unfunded Mandates and Federal Preemption: Opposes any effort by the federal government to preempt local authority, including zoning and land use decisions. Supports increased pay for extra work, but raises concerns that the proposed minimum salary increases for overtime exemptions will severely impact local government budgets across the country. 
  • Federal Funding: Supports continued federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to local governments and efforts to ensure those funds reach all local governments, regardless of size. Supports reasonable fees to recapture expenses for local governments services to federal facilities and lands. 
  • Tax: Preserve the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds. 

Click here to read the 2024 NATaT Federal Platform

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