myPATH Now Open for Township Use, Replacing e-TIDES 

The state Department of Revenue is retiring its e-TIDES system and moving its services to the new online portal myPATH. Yesterday, the myPATH site went live for employers and business users. Townships will now use myPATH to file:  

  • REV-1667 Annual Withholding Reconciliation Statement    
  • PA-501R Employer Deposit Statement of Withholding Tax    
  • RCT-900 Public Utility Realty Report     

Townships should migrate their e-TIDES information to the new system now, as e-TIDES will soon be fully retired. First, create a myPATH profile by heading to and then click on “Sign Up” to create a new account. Township officials can view a video walkthrough on migrating e-TIDES account information. To migrate: 

  • Sign into your myPATH account.  
  • You’ll be greeted by your profile screen. Scroll down to the Access Management box and click on the “Migrate my account access from e-TIDES”link.  
  • Enter your e-TIDES username and password and then click “Next.”  
  • The screen will display all accounts you previously had access to in e-TIDES. You can manually click the checkboxes to migrate to myPATH or simply click “Select All” to choose all accounts listed. Click “Submit.”  
  • The confirmation screen will appear. Click “OK” to head back to your profile screen. This transition process happens instantaneously so townships should have access to all migrated information immediately.  

Please note that myPATH users will be required to set up multi-factor authentication. Two-step verification can be done through text message, email, or an authentication app. Revenue recommends setting up more than one authentication method.    To learn more, click here for the press release. Click here for detailed information on the new system. Need help? Contact Revenue’s call center at (717) 425-2495, ext. PATH1 (72841) or email Agents are available from 8 a.m. to 6:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. An online chatbot feature is also available in myPATH.  

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