More Details of Federal Funding Support

While there have been no guidelines issued by the US Treasury Department to date, yesterday we introduced a new PSATS Premiere Partner, Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC, an accounting firm, to help interested parties through the eligibility and compliance process. Last year, ZA performed similar functions for 30 plus counties with excellent results and no requests for repayment by the
federal government.

There is special PSATS member pricing set by ZA based upon the amount of your federal grant. Please see the below chart to assist:

Total Grant AmountZA consulting fee
$1 – $100,000$3,000 per entity
$100,000.01 – $250,000$7,500 per entity
$250,000.01 – $500,000$11,000 per entity
Above $500,000Contact ZA for Individual Price

Click here to learn your total grant amount which will be split into 2 equal payments. This fee is an eligible expense under the program, so will not have any direct impact on your general fund budget. The prices listed above are for the entirety of the ARP spending program (The program runs through 12/31/2024). Members of this program are permitted to pay either their entire fee in 2021 or 50% in 2021 and 50% in 2022 as they receive the funds. Contacts are Pat Kirk ( ) or Cory Johnson ( Both can be also reached by phone at 717-561-9200.

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