Joint Covid Task Force Urging Township Officials to Assist with Vaccination Efforts

Gov. Tom Wolf and the 4 caucus members of the bipartisan COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force are asking local officials in Pennsylvania to support vaccination efforts in the commonwealth and encourage their constituents to get vaccinated. In a recent letter to local officials, the task force explained that “Pennsylvania has made admirable progress in our vaccine rollout, and as of July 28, we stand ranked 8th in the nation for first doses administered.”  

The task force, comprised of Democrat and Republican House and Senate members and the Governor, is asking local officials to connect with constituents through newsletters, events and social media to encourage them to take the simple step of getting vaccinated. “High vaccination rates are the best protection our communities have against COVID-19,” the letter said.  

The letter continued, “We can talk to our constituents directly, we can elevate the voices of local trusted health care providers, and we can discuss our own experiences and talk about our shared goals: protecting ourselves and those we love. Please do this with care, with understanding, and with urgency.”  

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