Join PSATS for Town Hall on ARP Application Process and What Comes Next 

Join PSATS staff and state Department of Community and Economic Development staff in a Virtual Town Hall this Monday, June 7, at 1:30 p.m. “ARP Update: Application and More”will provide an overview of the application process, what happens if your township doesn’t apply, and next steps.  Learn about how the 5-day “registration deadline” is NOT a HARD deadline. Be on the lookout for extensions. Click here to register!  

Reminder on ARP Applications: When applying for your township’s federal funding through the American Rescue Plan, please be certain that you are applying through DCED’s Single Application website. Here is the link for the DCED login and here is what the application process will look like. A successful application submission will provide a 12-digit Single Application ID. For questions about your allocation, the application process, or the program, call the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services at 888-223-6837 or email If you need DCED Customer Service to assist with your application, call 1-800-379-7448 (M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).  

Please do NOT apply to the U.S. Treasury Department’s submission portal, which leads to an sign-in page. If you think you may have unintentionally applied to the U.S. Treasury Department, contact DCED at the numbers listed above for assistance. Townships that do not apply to DCED this month will forfeit their claim to this year’s funding, and the money will be redistributed to communities that do apply so long as it does not make their total grant more than 75% of their 2020 budget.  

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