It’s Budget Season! Do You Need Township Salary and Benefits Information? We Have You Covered!

Did you know that the PSATS Salary Survey Plus allows you to compare your employees’ wages with those of similar townships and view statewide averages with just a few clicks? Did you know that you can compare benefit information as well, even by region, population, or similar budget size? This valuable and secure PSATS service is available when you need it and is brought to you by hundreds of participating townships!  

If you already participated, thank you! We could not do this without you. Your township supervisors, manager, secretary, and other township-designated officials can access the results at their convenience. To make the most of the Salary Survey Plus platform, click here for a quick guide to help you pull the data you need. 

For access, log in to and look under “My PSATS Account” for a Salary Survey Plus link. Have trouble logging in or don’t see a link under “My PSATS Accounts”? Email  

Looking for results? Click here for a quick guide to help you pull the data you need. 

Need to change who enters data for your townshipEmail or call (717) 763-0930, ext. 112.  

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