Important Audit Announcement for 2023 Liquid Fuels Distributions  

As the state Office of Comptroller Operations is moving away from paper checks, some townships that did not have a direct deposit set up for their state fund may find that their 2023 Liquid Fuels deposit was made into a different account that the township had on file with the commonwealth. At PSATS’ request, the state Department of Transportation has been working with the Auditor General’s office to be sure that they are aware of the situation and that any municipality impacted does not receive a negative audit finding because they are charged with auditing liquid fuels funds.  

As a result of these meetings, the Auditor General has agreed that findings will not be written if a municipality’s funds were deposited into a non-liquid fuels account provided that the municipality transfers the funds to the correct account within two months of receiving these funds. If your township had liquid fuels funds deposited into a non-liquid fuels account, please make the transfer promptly, and no later than April 30 for deposits received on March 1, and preserve records of the initial deposit and subsequent transfer for the audit. If you have questions, please reach out to your PennDOT Municipal Service Representative. 

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