Have a Cybersecurity Concern or Story to Share? 

ATTENTION, MEMBERS! We want to hear from you about recent cybersecurity issues within your township for an upcoming article in the Pa. Township News.  

Please consider any of the following questions and email your responses to acampbell@psats.org by Friday, September 2, 2022.  

  • Has your township suffered from ransomware attacks in the last two years?  
  • How do you train your staff to recognize phishing scams?   
  • Does your township employ the best internet practices when it comes to backing up information, email protocol, and using secure sites and passwords?  
  • Do you have a cybersecurity policy in your handbook? What led you to create one?   
  • What’s the biggest threat for townships when it comes to cybersecurity?   
  • Does your township have cybersecurity insurance?   
  • Is it cost-effective to consider purchasing cybersecurity insurance?   
  • What PSATS classes, workshops, webinars, or seminars have you taken that have helped you better practice cybersecurity in your townships?   
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