Good Ideas Never Get Old – Shapiro Announces Permit Money-Back Guarantee Program 

Gov. Josh Shapiro announced, a new online money-back guarantee system that allows applicants to check their eligibility for a refund of their permit, license, or certification application fee if they believe they are eligible. Applicants can view the standard processing time for each application and request a refund if their application is not processed within that timeframe. Resurrecting the late 90’s program that only focused on DEP permits, Shapiro’s program is across all Commonwealth agencies. 

Approximately 70% of commonwealth-issued permits, licenses, and certifications are eligible for a refund through PAyback. Certain permits, licenses, and certifications that don’t charge application fees or are set by legislation will not be eligible for a refund. PAyback will only apply for completed applications starting November 1. Pennsylvanians cannot retroactively apply for a refund using PAyback. To read the press release, click here

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