Federal Shutdown? What Would it Mean to Townships 

The vast majority of Pennsylvania township services are not reliant on federal funds. In general, townships have their own sources of revenue and should be able to continue providing essential services such as law enforcement, emergency response, and waste management if a federal shutdown occurs. Township parks and recreation, water and sewer service, and office hours will not be impacted. 

If a township is faced with any change or disruption in service due to the shutdown, it is important to communicate to your residents as quickly as possible. By staying informed and proactive, townships can minimize the impact on their communities. 

Programs that rely on federal funding may be impacted. These services can include infrastructure projects or public transportation. Residents who depend on county public health programs, and social services, may experience delays or cancellations of those programs. 

PSATS will continually monitor the situation if a federal shutdown occurs and pass on relevant information.  

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