EPA Proposes New Vehicle Emission Standards Effective 2027 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the toughest federal vehicle emissions standards to date to force the transition to electric vehicles and reduce emissions. The first set of standards would impact light- and medium-duty vehicles and take effect in 2027  and are projected to lead to EVs accounting for 67% of new light-duty vehicle sales and 46% of new medium-duty vehicles sales by 2032. The EPA also proposed new standards for heavy-duty trucks, which would also take effect in 2027. Click here for more. In 2022, the average cost of an EV was $64,338 while the average cost of a compact gas-powered car was $26,101, according to Kelley Blue Book. 

If adopted, these standards would lead to decreased revenues from the state’s gas tax, which will mean decreasing liquid fuels funds for municipalities. It is critical that discussions begin now to lead towards a future sustainable funding source for our state and local roads and bridges.  

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