Display Your Township Pride!

Join us for the Township Parade of Flags, which will kick off PSATS’ 2024 Annual Conference and Exhibit Show’s opening session on April 15.

Sign up today to take part in the procession, which we believe will be a truly inspirational moment at the conference. To register, complete, and submit this form by March 24, 2024. Additional information and instructions will be sent to all parade participants before the conference.


What are the requirements?
The standard size flag is 3 feet by 5 feet. The flag should be on a pole that can be easily carried by one person during the procession.

What should be on the flag?
Flag designs vary from township to township. Putting the township logo on a flag is perfectly acceptable. If you are starting from scratch, a flag may include the township name, the year it was established, the county name (optional), and sometimes a motto, if the township has one. Choose a design that represents what is unique or outstanding about your township, such as local wildlife, industries, natural resources, or historical sites. Consider holding a flag design contest for local schools. Your perfect design may be out there just waiting to be discovered.

How can we get a flag made? A simple Google search for custom flag-making companies will yield numerous results. Alternatively, your township may have a talented resident who can sew, embroider, screen-print, or even paint a flag. Allow ample time for any of these methods of making a flag … check with talent at least 4 weeks out.

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