Congressional Earmarks Are Back! WAMS from Washington…… 

Sen. Bob Casey is now accepting competitive FY23 appropriations requests for congressional earmarks. Stakeholders across Pennsylvania may submit community projects and programmatic requests to be considered for the 2023 fiscal year. This is an opportunity to request funds for important projects. The deadline is Monday, April 25. 

There are two kinds of requests. Community project requests, sometimes called earmarks or congressionally directed spending, tend to be for a specific project in a specific location. These projects must fit within committee guidance and are subject to rigorous review.  

Programmatic requests are general funding requests for national and regional programs and/or bill and report language requests that direct, encourage, or urge an agency or department to carry out an action. Programmatic requests tend to be at a higher level and not specific to a community. 

Interim guidance for applicants can be found here. Links to applications can be found below. 

You may also contact your other federal representatives to identify their application process. 

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