Commonwealth Highlights National Work Zone Awareness Week 

April 15-19 is National Work Zone Awareness Week and the state Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Pennsylvania State Police and Associated Pennsylvania Contractors honored roadway workers and urged motorists to slow down and pay attention in work zones. Memorials were on display to pay tribute to those PennDOT and Turnpike workers who lost their lives while improving and maintaining infrastructure. PennDOT has lost 90 workers in the line of duty since 1970 and the PA Turnpike has lost 45 workers since 1940.  

The event focused on recent initiatives to decrease speeding in work zones, specifically the statewide Work Zone Speed Safety Camera program that was recently made permanent, which uses automated cameras to issue tickets in active work zones and no points are assigned. The pilot program is cited with reducing speeding in work zones over five years by 38%, decreasing excessive speeding in work zones (11 mph or more) by 47%, and a 50% decline in work zone crashes when a speed enforcement vehicle was present. PSATS has a resolution supporting expansion of this program to townships as a new speed enforcement tool. Click here to view the press release.  

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