ARP Cyber-fraud Expands to Fake Phone Calls 

PSATS continues to receive reports about suspicious emails claiming to be registration renewals. Keep in mind that fake sites will claim that users need to pay a fee to renew their information. This is not true! We are now hearing of suspicious phone calls also being made by actors claiming to “help” townships with their registration for a fee.

Please remember that the System for Award Management (SAM) is a 100% free government website. The U.S. government will never send an email requesting payment to register or update information.

These suspicious emails are coming from many different email addresses and some are being sent to the chair of the board of supervisors. Remember that email from the federal government will come from a .gov or a .mil email domain. Look at both the sender’s display name and the sender’s email address to verify if it is a legitimate email. If you are suspicious, do not respond or click on any links.

Please note that registrations needs to be renewed each year. When you receive an official email telling you to renew, which will come from a .gov domain, check your original registration email, which will have your township’s expiration date.

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