Abandoned Mine Land and Acid Mine Drainage Grants Available

The state Department of Environmental Protection has opened the first of three 2024 funding rounds for the Abandoned Mine Land (AML) and Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Grant Program. Townships, councils of government, and municipal authorities are eligible to apply through the Commonwealth’s Electronic Single Application.  

DEP will accept applications during the following application rounds:   

  • Application Round 1—Open now through April 5, 2024  
  • Application Round 2—June 3, 2024 through July 19, 2024  
  • Application Round 3—September 23, 2024 through November 8, 2024  

Eligible projects must reclaim or enhance AML sites posing a threat to the environment and/or public health and safety. Sites must be determined to be eligible by the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation, be entered into AML inventory systems, and, in most cases, be associated with a coal mine that was abandoned prior to August 3, 1977.     

For AML/AMD grant program guidance and application instructions, please visit DEP’s website. Questions can be directed to RA-EPAMGrantProgram@pa.gov or (717) 783-2267.  

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