PSATS Merchandise

Calling All Collectors!

PSATS has a limited number of Winross model trucks available for sale. These die-cast models are a must for truck collectors.

Check out the selection below. Until we have our online shopping cart up and running, please place your order by contacting Karyn Totty at


2000 PSATS Vintage Dump Truck
Created to represent actual equipment used by township governments. This edition features a Ford 555B backhoe/loader tractor mounted on a special flat-bed trailer and pulled by a red 1950's dump truck from the Winross Nostalgia Series.

1999 PSATS/Winross Model Truck
This truck features a Cat Grader pulled by your choice of either a Freightliner or Kenworth cab.

1996 PSATS/Winross Model Truck
This colorful truck pulls a trailer sporting the 75th Anniversary logo and is available as either a Kenworth or Ford Aeromax cab.

1994 Winross Model Truck
We still have the 1994 trucks available, which displays the many roles of the township officials uniquely laser-cut into a block of Pennsylvania red oak and mounted on the bed of a trailer.