Grassroots Lobbying Network

The PSATS Grassroots Lobbying Network is composed of local leaders who work together to ensure that the voice of all townships is heard in Harrisburg and Washington.

PSATS keeps members of the network informed of the status of important legislation and policies. Network members are encouraged to establish relationships with their legislators and communicate with them regularly about how a piece of legislation or a particular policy would impact township government.

Action Alerts 

On March 15, the House State Government Committee amended and reported out House Bill 340 which amends the state Sunshine Law.  The bill would significantly narrowly the scope of what may be discussed in an executive session as it relates to personnel issues.  HB 340 would also require a legal opinion by the township’s solicitor verifying that the personnel issues to be discussed in executive session are within the provisions of the law, and if the solicitor is not available to render the decision, the chairman of the board could make such a determination.  The legislation would also mandate that these private sessions be audio and video recorded.  

 This legislation will now move to the full House for their consideration.

 We are asking members of the Grassroots Network to contact their House members and ask them to oppose HB 340 when it is considered by the House.

Please do not hesitate to contact PSATS at (717) 763-0930 ext. 178 with any questions. Thank you.  

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