TEMA On Demand Webinar Locating and Outfitting an EOC

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On Demand Webinar Title:

Township Emergency Management Association (TEMA)
Emergency Management Educational Webinar

 Locating and Outfitting an EOC


Your township’s comprehensive emergency management program (EMP) should consist of an updated emergency operations plan (EOP), a certified and trained emergency management coordinator (EMC), and an adequately-equipped emergency operations center (EOC).

The importance of having an EOC, whether it is a purpose-built facility or just a multi-purpose room at the township building or fire hall, is so that your township has a dedicated space in which to provide strategic management during an emergency. It can also do double-duty as the storage place for equipment needed by your emergency management team.

Not all emergencies need the use of an EOC. However, when the time comes to need a place where your emergency management team can assemble in one place to manage its response to disasters that require coordination across multiple jurisdictions such as a hurricane or tornado, you will be glad that you have your own location that meets your EOC needs.

By attending the webinar, you will:

• Learn how to evaluate potential locations for siting your EOC.
• Learn how to outfit the EOC with necessary equipment.
• Understand the training needs of EOC staffers.


Who Should View:

Emergency management coordinators (EMCs) and related personnel, township supervisors, and others interested in emergency management.

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  • PSATS Member* – $20
  • PSATS Non-Member – $25

* To qualify as a PSATS member, the registrant must have paid current annual membership dues to PSATS or its affiliates (solicitors, engineers, planners, and emergency management associations) or be an associate member.

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Click HERE or call PSATS at (717) 763-0930 to purchase the On Demand Webinar.