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Budgeting for Bigger Road Dollars

A mild winter, higher liquid fuels fund payments, and lower gas prices have led to bigger municipal road budgets. Experts weigh in on how to make the most of this extra money.

Sprucing Up Rural Roads

Thanks to a bump in funding for the state’s Dirt, Gravel, and Low-Volume Roads Program, townships are giving rural roads a makeover and cleaning up streams at the same time.

Heading Off Big Bridge Problems

Townships can avoid costly bridge repairs or replacements by inspecting structures regularly and developing a good maintenance program.

What to Do When Good Bridges Go Bad

When culverts start to wear out, townships can turn to these cost-effective ways to repair or replace them.

Fighting a Tiny Disease Carrier

Lyme Disease Awareness Month is the perfect time to inform township road crews about how to avoid this tick-borne illness.

Engineers Are Building Better Communities

Today’s municipal engineers are moving beyond simply overseeing public projects to help bridge differences and foster cooperation.

Pipeline Task Force Delivers Final Report

Learn what the Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force recommended in its final report to Gov. Tom Wolf — and where we go from here.

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