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September 2014

Embracing New Technology

Emerging information and communication technology can help townships operate more smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively — if they can convince everyone to get on board with the new tools.

Breaking Down the Budget Process

Whether you’re doing a township budget for the first time or just dreading the prospect, these three steps will help take the process from nerve-racking and stressful to organized and productive.

Setting Up Your PSATS Portal Account

Township officials and staff, as well as affiliate and associate PSATS members, have until September 30 to create a PSATS Portal account to ensure access to membership data and members-only content.

TEMA for Townships: Tallying Disaster Costs

Determining whether a disaster qualifies for federal assistance depends on every municipality tracking its costs for response, cleanup, and repairs.

Responding to Right-to-Know Requests

Commercial entities often request township records to increase their customer base. One, however, uses the information to expedite real estate settlements, which ultimately benefits the township.

Executive Board Report

‘Take a Look’ at PSATS’ Online Resource Center

Sample ordinances, applications, job descriptions, and more are just a click away in the PSATS Resource Center.

Considering a Park Conversion? Think Twice!

Converting parks to other uses can have legal ramifications and unforeseen costs. Townships should check their facts before moving forward.       

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