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Saving Spaces

Community character is a fleeting resource, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Realizing this, townships are using a variety of tools to protect open space and natural resources. Learn what works.

PSATS’ Boot Camp Will Get Your New Supervisors Ready for Public Service

With this month’s municipal election, your township may have some new supervisors coming on board in January. Help them learn the ins and outs of serving in public office by signing them up for PSATS’ 2018 Boot Camp. Click here for this months free article.

The Trouble With Short-Term Rentals

Home-sharing websites like Airbnb are making it easier than ever for property owners to earn extra cash. Townships, however, are dealing with another side of these short-term rentals: the party house. Find out how communities are taking control and keeping the peace.

Organizing for the New Year

Follow this checklist to ensure your board has a successful organization meeting in January.

Five Things to Know About PSATS’ Legal Defense Partnership

PSATS’ Legal Defense Partnership For more than two decades, the PSATS Township Legal Defense Partnership has provided a strong, unified voice for townships in the
courts. We share five things you should know about the partnership and the role it plays today.

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