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Preserving our Agricultural Heritage

Farms provide some of the bucolic scenery that makes townships attractive places to live. Townships can help to save this rural character and protect the state’s agricultural heritage through pursuit of agricultural security areas and zoning and partnerships with preservation land trusts.

The Plight of the Honeybee

The honeybee, which is responsible for pollinating much of our food, continues to die at an alarmingly high rate. By adopting bee-friendly policies and educating residents about pollinators, townships can do their part to help ensure that the honeybee keeps buzzing along. Click here for this months free article.

Guest Column: Secretary of Agriculture

Secretary of Agriculture Russell C. Redding shares insights into agricultural issues in the commonwealth today and offers ideas for how townships can help meet the challenges facing farmers in their communities.

Creating Walkable Communities

More townships are seeing the advantages of making their communities more walkable. Not only does walking lead to healthier and happier residents, but mixed-use developments that allow people to safely walk to their destinations are attractive to Millennials and Baby Boomers alike.

Meet the Board: Howard Fry

Howard Fry follows a “watch, learn, and share” approach to public service, a concept he plans to use during his service on the PSATS Executive Board.

Guest Column: State Fire Commissioner

The passage of Act 172, which gives townships the authority to offer tax credits to volunteer firefighters, is a step in the right direction for tackling the recruitment and retention issues facing many municipalities, says State Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay.

Q&A’s on Act 172 Firefighter Tax Credits

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