CDL Documents

Looking for CDL documents? You've found them!

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1. Collection Site List

2. Member Informational Forms

a. Join PSATS CDL Program

b. Change “Contact Person”

c. Change Roster of Employees

d. CDL Training Available

e.  Municipal Vehicle-Related Exemptions

f. Contractor Certification Form

3. Driver Forms

a. Accident Form

b. Employer Notice of Traffic Conviction Form

c. Annual Training Form

d. Driver Performance Evaluation Form

e. Prescription Medicine “Will/Will Not” Impair Form

f.  New CMV/CDL Employee Hire Forms

g. Employee Consent to Obtain Driver's License History

4. Vehicle Forms

a. Employee and Vehicle Records

i. Vehicle Repair Form

ii. Vehicle Maintenance Form

iii. Vehicle Inspection Form

b. Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs)

i. FMCSA Guidance: DVIR Defects Only Rule

ii. CDL Guidance - DVIRs

iii. DVIR "Defects Only"

iv. PennDOT DVIR Pre-trip Protocol

v. Pre-Trip Inspection Report

vi. DVIR "Daily"

c. Forms to Keep in Vehicles

d. Municipal Vehicle-Related Exemptions

5. Guidance Documents

a. Driving Time Limits

1. Form to Document CMV-only Emergency

b. Insufficient Drug or Alcohol Test Sample

c. Local Government Employees Exempt from CDL Medical Exam

1. Municipal Employee Medical Card Certification Form (DL-11CD)

d. Procedure for Positive-tested CDL Employee

e. Procedure to Determine If Post-accident Tests Are Required

f. Record Retention Schedule

g. Municipal Vehicle-Related Exemptions

h. PennDOT U.S. DOT Number Exemption