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#902 The Ethics Act and You OnDemand

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The Ethics Act and You


The State Ethics Act was enacted to strengthen the faith and confidence of state and local citizens in their government, and to ensure that the financial interests of holders, nominees and/or candidates for public offices do not conflict with the public trust.  It is important to always keep in mind that public office is a public trust, and that any effort to realize personal financial gain through your public office, other than compensation provided by law, is a violation of that trust.  As a currently serving public official, you are subject to the provisions of the Ethics Act.  This seminar has been designed to explain the mandates of the Ethics Act as it relates to public officials and employees, and to explore and define potential conflicts of interest situations that public officials/employees should avoid.  Actual case scenarios will be presented and discussed as examples of situations relevant to public positions.  Substantive and administrative aspects of personal disclosure statement will also be discussed, as well as the purpose and benefit of advisory opinions.


  • Instructor:    Brian D. Jacisin, Esquire, Deputy Executive Director/Director of Investigations, Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission

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#902 The Ethics Act and You OnDemand Webinar – 2 DEP Approved Credits

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Township employees or independent contractors who use mapping as part of their job. (Sewage Enforcement Officers, Planners, Public Works)


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