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Pennsylvanians Urged to Squash Spotted Lanternflies

Friday September 11th, 2020

The state Department of Agriculture is urging Pennsylvanians to squash spotted lanternflies for food security. “If you see a spotted Lanternfly, squash it. Report it. Check your car before traveling,” Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding said. “These small acts make all the difference for our farmers working hard to feed Pennsylvania and the nation.” 

Native to Asia, the spotted lanternfly is capable of decimating entire grape vineyards and damaging fruit orchards, hops, walnuts, hardwoods, and decorative trees. In addition, they’re known to swarm in the air, cover trees, and coat decks and play equipment with their excrement, known as honeydew. Honeydew, along with sap from weeping plant wounds that result from the feeding of spotted lanternfly, can attract bees and other insects and stimulate the growth of mold and other fungi. Click here for more.