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Make Sure Your Township Has the Earliest Access to Salary Survey Results!

Wednesday July 8th, 2020

Be sure your township has the earliest access to the 2020 PSATS Salary Survey Plus results! Make sure your designated township staff (PSATS Salary Survey Plus Processor) enters your township’s wage and benefit data by August 15 to ensure the earliest access to all reports, including comparisons to 2019 and 2018 results, question by question comparisons, and reports by region, population, budget size, union status, benefits, and more! This salary comparison data will be especially helpful as you begin to make budget preparations for your 2021 budget.

Townships participating in this secure survey allows your township supervisors, managers, secretaries, and other township-authorized employees to view the data you enter and run reports and comparisons. To protect anonymity, results are only provided for questions that receive responses from at least 5 townships.

Questions? Email or call 717-763-0930 ext. 138.Trouble logging into connect? Click here for directions.

Need to change the township official designated to enter data (PSATS Salary Survey Plus Processor)? Contact or (717) 763-0930 so that we may give the correct employee or official access.