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Deadline Extended for Environmental Project Grants

Tuesday May 26th, 2020
The Commonwealth Financing Authority has extended the deadline for a variety of environmental project grants funded by the Act 13 Marcellus Legacy Fund. The new application deadline is July 31.
The water- and recreation-related project grants fall under several categories:
  • Flood Mitigation: Projects authorized by a flood protection authority, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) or the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or identified by a local government for flood mitigation are eligible for the program.
  •  Watershed Restoration: The overall goal of the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program is to restore, and maintain restored stream reaches impaired by the uncontrolled discharge of nonpoint source polluted runoff, and ultimately to remove these streams from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Impaired Waters list.
  •  Abandoned Mine Drainage Abatement and Treatment: Projects which involve the reclamation of Abandoned Mine Well(s), construction of a new AMD site, remediation and repair of existing AMD project sites, operation and maintenance maintaining current AMD remediation sites, the establishment of trust fund to ensure ongoing maintenance is achieved, and monitoring of water quality to track or continue to trace nonpoint source load reductions resulting from AMD remediation projects.
  •  Baseline Water Quality Data: Projects which involve practices for water sample collection and analysis to document existing groundwater quality conditions on private water supplies.
For more information about these grants, call the state Department of Community and Economic Development’s Center for Business Financing at (717) 787-6245 or go to the Act 13 Programs page
Applicants are urged to contact their state House and Senate members to inform them that they plan to submit an application for funding.