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Help Clean Up Litter Before It Gets to Waterways

Wednesday September 11th, 2019
Townships can do their part to help cleanup Pennsylvania waterways by participating in Keep PA Beautiful's (KPB) Pick Up Pennsylvania, part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup running through October 31. International Coastal Cleanup Day is September 21.
Townships need not have a coastline to help with this effort. A significant portion of waterway pollution originates on land, as plastics, trash, and litter accumulate and are swept into storm drains when it rains. Most storm sewer systems empty directly into the nearest creek or river, eventually flowing to the ocean and taking the trash with it.
"Cleaning up your local park or street might seem unrelated to healthy waterways ... but I think we have all seen litter blocking storm drains," KPB President Shannon Reiter says. "Cleaning up that litter before it has a chance to be washed into the creek will significantly reduce the amount of trash that reaches our local waterways and, eventually, our oceans. Please lend a hand and join us in a cleanup this fall."
Last year, 577 events were held across Pennsylvania during the state portion of the Coastal Cleanup. Some 13,297 volunteers removed 523,855 pounds of trash and tires from the commonwealth's waterways, coastal regions, parks, sidewalks, streets, and neighborhoods.
For more information, visit KPB's Pick Up Pennsylvania webpage.
To register a cleanup event, call Michelle Dunn, KPB's cleanup coordinator, toll-free at (877) 772-3673, ext. 113, or email Gloves and bags are available to registered events while supplies last.