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Observe Fire Prevention Week October 6-12

Sunday September 15th, 2019
This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape,” aims to educate everyone about the small but important actions they can take to keep themselves and those around them safe.
Fire Prevention Week, an annual observance promoted by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), is October 6-12. 
Home fire escape planning and drills are an essential part of fire safety. A home fire escape plan needs to be developed and practiced before a fire strikes.
Home escape planning should include:
• Drawing a map of each level of the home that shows all doors and windows;
• Going to each room and pointing to the two ways out;
• Making sure someone will help children, older adults, and people with disabilities wake up and get out;
• Teaching children how to escape on their own in case you cannot help them;
• Establishing a meeting place outside and away from the home where everyone can meet after exiting; and
• Having properly installed and maintained smoke alarms.
Home fire escape practice should include:
• Pushing the smoke alarm button to start the drill;
• Practicing what to do in case there is smoke: Get low and go. Get out fast.
• Practicing using different ways out and closing doors behind you as you leave;
• Never going back for people, pets, or things;
• Going to your outdoor meeting place; and
• Calling 9-1-1 or the local emergency number from a cellphone or a neighbor’s phone.
As in previous years, the association has developed free Fire Prevention Week materials, available at The site features downloadable documents, including children’s activities, fact sheets, and more. Public service announcements, communication tips, and a step-by-step media primer for fire departments are also available on the website.
The National Fire Protection Association has been the official sponsor of Fire Prevention Week since 1922 and helps fire departments promote their public education efforts. 
or more information about Fire Prevention Week, call the National Fire Protection Association at (617) 770-3000 or go to