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Change to Special Hauling Permit Allows Travel Seven Days a Week

Monday March 3rd, 2014

The transportation funding bill enacted in Pennsylvania this past November included a change in language for the Special Hauling Permit for oversized vehicles.Now, a properly permitted oversized vehicle, combination, or load may travel seven days per week. Before the change, such vehicles could operate only five days per week.

The PennDOT Bureau of Municipal Services notes this change could have several impacts at the local level:

  1. Residents may notice larger escorted vehicles traveling on the weekends;
  2. Municipalities may receive permit requests for weekend moves; and
  3. Application for special event permits (for craft fairs, parades, and similar events) will have to be made through PennDOT to avoid hauling conflicts.

Townships should direct any questions to Tom Welker, Bureau of Municipal Services, at or (717) 783-3721.