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Governor Set to Sign Transportation Funding Bill

Friday November 22nd, 2013

A transportation funding plan that would provide $237 million in transportation funds to local governments annually has passed the House and Senate and now awaits Gov. Corbett's signature.

Below are a few details about the plan:

  • The proposal would provide a $237 million increase in funding for local governments, which is more than a 60 percent increase for every township’s liquid fuels distribution. Without it, liquid fuels revenues will continue to decline.
  • The liquid fuels formula is not changing, so all townships will benefit from this increase.
  • The bill increases the threshold (changing from $25,000 to $100,000) at which townships must start to pay the prevailing wage for transportation projects.
  • There is also increased funding for dirt and gravel roads and low-volume roads.
  • A bridge bundling program means new bridges at potentially no cost to local governments.
  • A traffic signal coordination program through PennDOT can help reduce traffic congestion, saving motorists time and money.

We have never seen these types of benefits for local governments, and therefore residents, in a transportation funding package before. (Even the 2007 increase amounted to only $30 million.) Thanks to all who have contacted their legislators to urge their support of this critical funding measure.