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April Is Safe Digging Month: Remind Residents to Call 811 Before They Dig

Monday April 1st, 2013

Emphasizing the importance of safe digging during spring projects and recognizing April as Safe Digging Month, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is reminding utilities, residents, and contractors to use safe digging practices.

“Consumers should dial 811, and that will connect them with the Pennsylvania One Call system and in doing so, it allows the One Call system to then alert all the utilities within the area where you are intending to dig and the utility companies will come out and mark where the utilities are located on the properties,” said PUC Vice Chairman John F. Coleman in a video news release.  “We have seen incidents where property owners are installing a mailbox post or basketball hoop and they innocently dig in their yard to find out they hit a gas line, water line or electric line and that, obviously, will cause significant problems.”

“It’s simple. It’s convenient. It’s easy to remember, and whether it be power lines, communication cables, natural gas pipelines or water lines, they are all at varying lengths underground so it’s really important you call Pennsylvania One Call at 8-1-1,” said PUC Commissioner Pamela Witmer in a video news release. “It’s the season for spring construction and home projects, and the PUC really wants all Pennsylvanians to know what’s below and call before they dig. It’s really very simple. Just call 8-1-1.”

In Pennsylvania, utilities, contractors, and homeowners are required by law to call 8-1-1 at least three business days before using power equipment to make certain underground utility lines are marked. The PUC provided the regulatory support needed to allow Pennsylvania to join the nation with 8-1-1 abbreviated dialing. An informational brochure on the “Know What’s Below, Call 8-1-1 Before You Dig” campaign is also available on the PUC website under the Consumer Education link.

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