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UPDATE: After Delay, Act 13 Checks Begin Arriving; Townships May Notice Changes

Wednesday November 7th, 2012

On Nov. 6, the Public Utility Commission informed PSATS that there had been a delay in sending the impact fee distributions for Act 13. After finding a few errors, the PUC held up the checks to revisit its calculations. As a result, some municipalities will see a change from their initial distributions.

According to the PUC, it sent checks on Nov. 2 to 675 municipalities whose payments were not affected by the errors. Also, on Nov. 2, checks were sent to 127 municipalities with a letter stating that due to the errors, they will receive a supplemental check to be issued Nov. 16. Finally, 655 municipalities were mailed a letter on Nov. 2 stating that due to the errors, their impact fee amount will be less than originally listed. These checks will also be issued on Nov. 16.


Posted Oct. 15, 2012:

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has released figures on how money generated from the state’s Act 13 unconventional gas well impact fee will be distributed to state agencies, county governments, municipalities, and the Marcellus Shale Fund.

At an Oct. 15 press conference, PUC Chairman Rob Powelson said local officials can expect to receive checks containing their impact fee payments within the next 10 days.

(Townships may wish to note that they should use the Chart of Accounts revenue number 355.09 for the Act 13 impact fee revenues.)

Click the links below to see impact fee distribution as of Oct. 15:

Click here to learn more from the PUC's Act 13 web page.

Fees for wells in progress before 1/1/12

Keep in mind that the impact fees in the "distributions" report above ONLY includes those wills that were spud before January 1, 2012. It does not include any fees for wells spud in 2012. The first impact fee payment for any wells drilled in 2012 will be by July 1, 2013.

Also, please note that there may be situations where a company is contesting a well and has not yet paid its impact fees for that well. In such cases, there will be a discrepancy until that issue is resolved. As of September 29, the Public Utility Commission had $1.1 million in outstanding fees.

Click here to view the wells drilled in your township in 2012 or in prior years. Note the spud date on the far left of your township's report.

Contact DEP for disputed well numbers/types

To dispute the number or types of wells in your township, email the state Department of Environmental Protection at

Fund Usage Report

Click here to see the Unconventional Gas Well Fund Usage Report that townships receiving Act 13 impact fees will have to file with the PUC by April 15, 2013.