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SR 323 Task Force Sends Unfunded Mandate Report to PA Senate

Tuesday October 9th, 2012

A report submitted recently to the Pennsylvania Senate quantifies various statutory mandates placed on municipalities across the commonwealth.

In July 2010, Senate Resolution 323 directed the Local Government Commission to establish a task force to study unfunded and underfunded statutory mandates that affect Pennsylvania's municipalities. The result is a comprehensive list of mandates placed on municipalities, detailing for each the origin (federal or state), whether it is required or discretionary, the average annual cost to municipalities, and the amount of money provided to implement the mandate.

The report also includes findings and recommendations on cost savings that could be achieved through partial waiver, elimination, or alternatives for certain mandates.

The report is now available through the Local Government Commission's website

PSATS, which participated on the task force, will offer an in-depth look at the report in the December issue of the Pennsylvania Township News.